When can I book?

The library closes at 17:00 on Tuesday 24 March and will remain closed until further notice

Group study rooms, booths, PCs and individual study carrels in the Templeman Library are available to book whenever the Library is open, free of charge. When logged in you can see current availability and choose a time that suits you. Please book Postgraduate Carrels through Welcome Desk, Templeman Library.

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For help please contact the Welcome Desk or IT & Library Support Desk in the Templeman Library. 

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Booking service unavailable

The Templeman Library will be closed from 5pm 24th March 2020. As a result all study spaces will also be closed and unavailable to book. When we have updated information regarding the re-opening of the Templeman Library and the bookable study spaces, we will also update this website.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.